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An Extravagent Getaway For Your Royal Bunny

The Rabitat Sanctuary

Please consider donating to a great cause to help us rescue our favorite furry, sweet, and loving bunny friends. 

They Need us More Than You Think... 

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The Rabitat Sanctuary

We are excited to announce a new way we are giving back to our community through saving the lives of the neglected, abandoned, and seized rabbits by opening a shelter that will provide them with the love, nourishment, and care that every rabbit deserves. 

We are still in the early steps to opening our doors to abandoned, neglected, and unwanted rabbits. Doing so requires a lot of time and funding as well. There are so many ways you could help too by volunteering your time and donating. The following are some examples of supplies we are currently in need of:

1.) Building supplies


        - 2x3, 2x4, etc.

        - Hammers

        - Screws or nails

        - Drills, saws (electric)

        * Any other building supplies would be greatly appreciated as well

2.) Rabbit cages, hutches, or enclosures

3.) Play pen

4.) Cleaning supplies (disinfectant wipes/spray, sponges, rags, etc.)

5.) Rabbit toys or treats 

6.) Purina Rabbit Complete (food)

7.) Litter Pans

8.) Small animal water bottles or dishes

9.) Wood Shavings

10.) Corn cob bedding

From a financial point of view, we are looking to raise as much money as we can to make this the most practical and loving environment we can for our rabbits. Please consider making a donation to our organization so we can open our doors to rabbits in need as soon as possible.