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Making a Donation to Camp House of the Rexs

Why Donate to Camp House of the Rexs?

Our main goal here at Camp House of the Rexs is to do our part in making our world a better place for rabbits to be in. We play a huge role in educating people of all ages on how to care for rabbits and what part they can play in helping needy rabbits too. 

Camp House of the Rexs receives no government support and relies fully on the support of our members to provide shelter, love, and care for rabbits that need a home. A large majority of your donations go directly to our education and rescue programs which have raised TONS of awareness in the short amount of time since they have begun. 

Three ways in which you can donate to Camp House of the Rexs is to: 

Sponsor a Rabbit:

Sponsorship of a rabbit is one of the most important and helpful ways for you to give to Camp House of the Rexs. Rabbit sponsors provide funding for housing, food, litter, toys, & medical care (if needed). 

The following expenses will give you an idea of the costs involved in caring for a rabbit over an average period of time in which they are kept at House of the Rexs:

Housing: $50

Food: $20

Bedding/Litter: $15

You can be a sponsor of a particular rabbit in any of the above categories, or you can be his/her sole sponsor by making a full sponsorship gift of $95. 

Sponsorship of a rabbit includes receiving monthly updates on the rabbit you are choosing to sponsor along with our monthly newsletter. 

Become a Supporter of our Bunny Lovers on a Mission Club:

Bunny Lovers on a Mission is a group of volunteers that visit pet stores, schools, and host classes to help inform all types of people on the importance of providing a safe and loving home for rabbits. We inform pet store employees on the real importance that needs to be placed on providing practical and proper housing and educate them on instructions that need to be given to ALL customers. By choosing to become a supporter of our Bunny Lovers on a Mission Club, you are helping us to ensure that the number of domesticated bunnies that are released into the wild continues to decline and that the rabbits in our care at this time can continue to remain in a loving home until they are adopted. This is a monthly, automatic payment plan of the amount of your choice. Please CLICK HERE to be redirected to our web store and click "Become a Bunny Lovers on a Mission Supporter".

Make a One-Time Donation:

To make a one-time donation, please click on the "Donate" button below.