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An Extravagent Getaway For Your Royal Bunny


Can't find just the right person to take care of your bunny for you while you're away?

We're here for you! House of the Rexs is now offering boarding for rabbits while their owner is away for such a low cost, you won't believe it! We guarantee your rabbit will have a safe, clean, loving, and fun place to stay so you will have not a thing to worry about while on vacation! Come visit our boarding center or give us a call for further details. Enrollment has already begun for spring and summer, please visit our "Boarding" page for prices, other services we offer, enrollment forms, and what your bunny will enjoy in our care.   

Please Take the Time to View Our New Page "The Rabitat Sanctuary" 

Many people are unaware of the fact that rabbits are now the number one abused, neglected, and abandoned animal. Unfortunately, there are also very few humane societies, animal shelters, or animal control facilities that are have the resources and knowledge to take care of these abandoned or rescued rabbits who often times get turned away if brought to one of these places. Keep in mind that since there are so few places for these unwanted and mistreated rabbits to go, the ones that are available tend to fill up and can no longer accept any more rabbits. 

Because of all this, we are on a mission to raise funds and open a new set of doors to create a loving, enriching, caring, and healthy environment for the rabbits who've lived a rough life. We will strive to rehabilitate them to the best of our ability as well as spay/neuter them and once ready, the bun buns will be put up for adoption in hope of letting them have another chance at living a happy life. 

Currently, we are putting together estimates of our costs for opening up a shelter for the rabbits and of course, it is going to be very expensive. Every little bit of help counts though! If you would like to donate, become a volunteer, or learn more about our program, PLEASE visit "The Rabitat Sanctuary" page and view the list of items we are in need of and more about this program.  

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